Lara Sluyter is a Dutch lesbian creative, with a predominant focus on the practice of filmmaking. Her signature is intelligibly visible in her work: it’s colourful, poetic, nostalgic and often queer. Sluyter’s drive as a maker always derives from a social or even political ambition, a wish and need to see change in society. One phenomenon that is especially close to her heart is exploring the extent minorities are exposed to oppression, specifically the topic she personally relates to which is sexuality. Rooting back to a curiosity about the role art and film can play in such debates, Sluyter believes that both, but especially the latter, have the responsibility to carry a political or social agenda. This belief translates back to the core of her work: being critical of circumstances society exposes us to, is what ignites the projects she engages in.

She's a 4th year Audiovisual Design student at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. During and before the course of her studies she's completed two internships: one editing/camera internship, and one animation internship. Besides her studies she's been working as an (audio)visual designer at Van Rosmalen in Rotterdam, where she executes all of the creative work such as filming, editing, animating, graphic designing, and more.