Control (2019) - Documentary

A film by Lara Sluyter

This colourful and poetic documentary, explores empowerment coach Merlijn Wolsink and his drag persona Magic Merlot. With the crucial reoccurring themes of control and safe spaces, the film depicts how (un)glamorous the life of a drag queen can be. Raising and discussing questions related to drag, such as: what are control and power, when are control and power necessary and when are they harmful?

Death Do Us Part (2019) - Mash-up film

A film by Lara Sluyter and Carlinda Boom

This emotional mash-up film, created by two lesbian artists Lara Sluyter and Carlinda Boom, uses material from the series that have contributed to the Bury Your Gays problem. This film visually displays the brutal, absurd and unnecessarily violent deaths of some female queer characters from television series.

De Kist (2019) - Fiction film

A film by Yorben den Hartog, Iris van Wijk and Lara Sluyter.

Johnny, a night elf, travels with a gnome called Lola through the world of Warcraft, whilst holding philosophical conversations about their mutual fear of death.

Liminal Space (2019) - Animation film

A film by Aleksandra Oszczak, edited by Lara Sluyter.

A graduation film by WDKA Architecture Master student Aleksandra Oszczak.  

Rosmi (2019) - Fiction film

A film by Lara Sluyter and Sunny Duplan.

Depicting the life-cycle of Levi and Rosmine, the film explores their relationship as best friends, challenging the boundries between their platonic and romantic love.

Colourblind (2019) - Poetic film

A film by Lara Sluyter and Jasmijn Jacobs.

Aangekleed (2019) - Found footage film

A film by Iris van Wijk, Bas de Haas and Lara Sluyter.

Women were and still are expected to live up to society's ideal image of women. Just like mannequins, they have to portray some sort of an ideal image. This is where "Aangekleed" displays a parallel between mannequins and the main character.

Moilea (2019) - Short film

A film by Laila Fantozzi and Lara Sluyter.

A blind girl walks through one of the most beautiful places on the planet "Moilea".

Yellow (2018) - Film festival trailer

A film by Lara Sluyter.

Commission for Movies That Matter filmfestival. The video had to portray the identity and the different elements of the festival.

I'm Here Wherever You Need It (2018) - Film essay

A film by Francesca Giunta, Laila Fantozzi and Lara Sluyter.

"We reject human contact but crave for new types of digital connections." This fictional film essay about AI technology showcases an alienated future where human interaction is entirely replaced by an artificial one.

Safety for Journalists (2018) - Online film

A film by Lara Sluyter.

Commission for Free Press Unlimited, focussing on the safety of journalists and censorship. Screened at the official Free Press Live event in 2018.

Sterren (2017) - Short fiction film

A film by Lara Sluyter.

Jara, a young Syrian refugee, moves away from war. She starts living with a host family in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands she experiences the tolerance, the open-mindedness and the safety of the Dutch people and culture. While adjusting to her new life, she finds comfort in the stars.

Ana (2017) - Dark Side portrait film

A film by Lara Sluyter.

Voiced with self-written poetry about the personification of anorexia, "Ana", this one-minute showcases control and losing control which is an issue with people who suffer from anorexia. “Painting myself the way I want to look” is a good example of showing the control they desire to have.

Revalideren met Lea (2019) - Online video

A video by Barbara Lommen and Lara Sluyter.

Commission video for Robot Care Systems, with interviews concerning the revalidation with LEA.

Verandering (2018) - Interview

A video by Lara Sluyter.

Schoolproject about "your other": find someone who is the opposite of you.